Contractors Insurance in Oklahoma City, OKC, Yukon, Mustang, Norman, Edmond, and the Surrounding Areas

If you are a contractor, such as a plumbing contractor, in Oklahoma City, OKC, Yukon, Mustang, Norman, Edmond, and the surrounding areas, then you need to have contractors insurance. But there isn’t just a single policy that is called contractors insurance; instead it is a bundle of several different insurance products, and at Ford Insurance Agency we can help you to understand all of these different insurances that you will likely need. From having protection against property damage, theft of your tools, protection of the materials you need while they are in transit to the job site, and more, contractors insurance is a package of insurance policies that are typical for various contractors to ensure that they can do their job. Contact us today to learn more and review your current insurance.

Protection At the Job Site, Traveling, and More

Contractor with Contractors Insurance in Oklahoma City, OKC, Yukon, Mustang, Norman, and EdmondA full suite of insurance products that combined make up your contractors insurance ensure that you, your tools, materials, and more are protected. For example, you likely have a vehicle of some sort that you use to get to and from the job site. A commercial auto insurance policy will provide you with the right protection on this vehicle. Many times there will be materials that you are either transporting yourself or are having moved to the job site. Inland marine insurance is the protection you need for these materials should they get damaged or stolen.

Getting the right insurance policies in place is important, otherwise you could wind up having to pay out of your own pocket for expensive repairs if you accidentally back into another vehicle or building, or you would have to purchase your expensive tools again if they were stolen. Insurance makes it possible for even small businesses to mitigate risk that would otherwise quickly put them out of business.

We Help Business Stay in Business

It really is only a matter of time before a lawsuit gets filed or you have a vehicle accident or you have some tools or materials stolen, even out of your vehicle, and then you realize the importance of having contractors insurance in place. All it takes is a single incident that disrupts your carefully planned day to understand the value in your contractors insurance. And because we are an independent insurance agency, we work for our clients and shop the market for the most affordable options.

Being a contractor in Oklahoma City, OKC, Yukon, Mustang, Norman, Edmond, and the surrounding areas has plenty of challenges, and the last thing that you want to deal with are stolen tools, missing materials, or other issues. When you have the Ford Insurance Agency on your side, you have a partner that is ready to help make things right. Contact us today to review your current contractors insurrance policies.