Building Insurance and House Insurance in Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Moore, Midwest City, Norman, OK, and Surrounding Areas

If you own property with a structure on it in Shawnee, Seminole, or Oklahoma City, building insurance is a must. You certainly want to protect your own investments, and if you have a mortgage, your lender is going to require the appropriate level of building insurance. The insurance will cover the actual structure and fixtures that are permanently in place, like sinks, showers, doors, windows, etc.

Every policy has its own “fine print,” and different insurers have varying basic policy components. As a result, it is important to gain a thorough understanding of what is and is not covered when you take out a building insurance policy. For example, many building insurance policies will cover your garage, gazebo, fences, and any outbuildings that you have, but this coverage is not an absolute given. If you engage us to connect you with building insurance, we will explain all of the details so you can make fully informed decisions.

Speaking of explanations, standard building insurance does not cover the structure under certain circumstances. Damage that is caused by some natural disasters will not be covered under typical home or business property insurance policy. This comes as a surprise to many people because these events are what a lot of policyholders are most concerned about when it comes to the possibility of potential property damage or destruction.

The good news is that building insurance will cover tornado and hurricane damage. The bad news is that flooding and the impact of earthquakes would not be covered under a standard policy. However, if you are concerned about these eventualities, you can add flood and/or earthquake coverage.

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The monthly payments that you make on your home or business loans are considerable, and when you add in property taxes, the numbers can get quite high. You definitely want to pay as little as you can for your building insurance to give yourself a breather. This is where we can enter the picture to provide some monetary relief.

Our agency is not obligated to any one insurance provider. We can obtain building insurance from a variety of different highly regarded insurers, including Progressive, Safeco, and Mercury. As a result, we can conduct a cost comparison analysis and get you the insurance you need at the lowest possible price point.

In addition to Oklahoma City, Shawnee, and the other communities that have already been mentioned, we offer building insurance in Meeker, Chandler, and Moore, Oklahoma as well. If you are ready to get started, you can reach one of our knowledgeable building insurance agents right now at 405-275-3306.


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