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If it’s got an engine in it, like a boat, motorcycle, or RV, then it means that you should have insurance for it in Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding areas. Having fun is important, but so is protecting yourself and the equipment you are using, so contact Ford Insurance Agency to make sure that you have the right boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, or RV insurance to keep the fun times going.

From issues with where these toys are stored to how they are transported to even how often they are used can all make a difference in the kind of insurance policy that you should have. Contact our team today to learn more and find the right insurance that fits your needs.

Auto Insurance with Strong Coverage

Risking your financial future with state minimum coverage isn’t necessary. The difference in price between minimum limits and truly adequate coverage is a tiny fraction of the possible cost of being inadequately insured.
Ford Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency. This means we offer affordable options so you never have to choose between adequate coverage and affordable coverage. At Ford Insurance Agency, you get both.

Our options include:

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Boats
  • Personal Watercraft
  • RV’s
  • ATV’s / Off-road vehicles
  • Business Auto
  • Classic Cars
  • Ask about multi-policy discounts

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance sounds like one of those gimmicks where you are spending money on something that you don’t need. How often will your boat get damaged or things stolen from it? Like everything else in life, it’s hard to tell, but if you have an accident while transporting your boat having boat insurance will make a difference. In some cases, boat insurance will be required, such as if you have your boat permanently moored at a marina or if you borrowed money to purchase the boat. And many of the extras that people put on their boats are just for the boat and you leave them with the boat.

RV Insurance

RV insurance can be an interesting item to insure, especially when you use it a lot or you find that you want your RV to be your exclusive home rather than owning a permanent house somewhere. If you store your RV off-site versus keeping it on your property, this can have an impact on the risk of something happening to your RV. Many people try to do conversions to an RV, such as a school bus, and these can be a challenge to find insurance for, but our team will do our best to find you several options for insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance

There’s a different feeling riding on a motorcycle than driving a car, and along with the different feeling comes a different set of risks as well. While much of the information related to motorcycle insurance is the same as for other personal vehicles, other aspects are important to motorcycles. Things such as the experience level of the rider, the number of miles that you ride, where the motorcycle is stored when not being used, the kind of motorcycle you have, and other pertinent aspects.

Insurance Coverage for Recreation Vehicles

All of these coverages are great to have and provide a lot of recreational opportunities all over Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman, Edmond, OKC, and the surrounding areas. It is important that these items also feature their insurance policies from the Ford Insurance Agency. Talk with us today to learn how you can protect these items easily and we will provide you with multiple quotes from different insurance companies so you know that you will also have the best coverage and good rates.

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