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crane and tractors with Contractors Insurance, Tools & Equipment Insurance, and Specialty Contractors Insurance In Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Oklahoma City & Surrounding AreasWhether you are working on a small home or a large multistory commercial building, handling the plumbing or electrical or other aspects of the construction in Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding areas, as a contractor you should have the right contractors insurance in place. Talk with our team at Ford Insurance Agency where we have been providing the right insurance for all manner of business for more than 60 years.

Starting with a basic general liability insurance policy as well as business income insurance and commercial property insurance, these will encompass a basic business owner’s policy, but there are other parts of your business to protect as well.

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Tools & Equipment Insurance

From general power tools like drills and saws to hand tools like hammers and wrenches plus many other tools, you have a lot invested in these items. Getting tools and equipment insurance to protect against vandalism, theft, or damage to this vital equipment is important as you rely on these tools for your job. Without them, you would have a project delayed or could be replaced on a project, resulting in a loss of income.

Some tools are nominal in cost, meaning that they can readily be replaced by purchasing a comparable item at a local hardware retailer. These are often grouped in an insurance policy where they are worth less than $5,000. There are also equipment that are high-value items and these will need to be listed separately for the insurance, but they are also usually much more difficult to replace quickly.

Helping Our Business Insurance Community Grow

Our communities are growing and Ford Insurance Agency is thrilled to promote that growth. We offer Contractor’s insurance packages that make sure your project is covered from start to finish. There are all types of coverage for schools and churches along with other commercial facilities. With a host of options available, we make sure you get the coverage that addresses your company’s specific liability concerns.

Small Business Insurance: Independence Makes the Difference

As a business owner, you’re intimately familiar with the cost of providing a product and/or service…and the inevitable increases that occur. Materials, labor, training, marketing: it all adds up. The list includes the cost of commercial insurance and, like all other expenses involved in maintaining a successful company, the costs can increase. So…how do you reduce and manage the inevitable increases? The most effective way to make sure you’re getting the best rate available is to work with an Independent Insurance Agency. Unlike an agency that is limited to one insurance provider, Ford Insurance Agency works with a network of insurance carriers. This means there are multiple options available. Our agents can search through our network, comparing rates for the coverage that you need to provide the most competitive rates. Comprehensive coverage, affordable options, and professional service: your business deserves it all, and that’s what you get with Ford Insurance Agency.


Specialty Contractors Insurance

Many areas of a construction project rely on specialty contractors such as electricians and plumbers. These are common specialties that have some common aspects to general contractors, however, they deal with specific risks in their profession and they also have their licenses to do their work. We offer insurance policies that cater to these specific professions, including their specialized equipment and tools and ensuring their safety and that of others.

In many cases, various specialties in the construction industry simply cannot get work without the right contractor insurance in place in Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Oklahoma City, and the OKC area. At Ford Insurance Agency we want to help you stay in business while keeping a watchful eye on your insurance costs. Talk with our independent insurance agents today and let us shop the market to find you the best insurance options for your needs.

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