Long Term Care and Health Insurance in Mcloud, Moore, Seminole, Shawnee, Tecumseh, Oklahoma City, OK


LIVING a Long Life is Almost a CERTAINTY…Lisa Watson

Americans are living longer, and that’s good news. But with an increased life span comes the possibility of declining health and a chronic illness or injury requiring long term care.  Many of our clients are becoming increasingly concerned about the high costs of long term care, and the effects it can have on the family.

 … PLANNING for a Long Life is a NECESSITY.

The failure to consider the consequences of living a long life and needing long term care imposes an incredible risk on the emotional and physical health of your family, and the integrity of your retirement portfolio.

But a well developed Plan can provide the peace of mind your family deserves

Ford Insurance Agency understands the need to properly plan and is pleased to make available the services of a specialist in long term care planning, Lisa Watson.  Lisa is exceptionally knowledgeable and can provide you with information on the different types of strategies that help cover this risk. For many, long term care insurance is a good solution to help protect retirement assets and personal savings. A personal complimentary consultation with Lisa can give you information that you may need to make a decision on whether or not long term care insurance is right for you.

 Options are important

To best suite your family’s needs, we offer traditional long term care policies, linked benefit (hybrid) policies, and critical care insurance.

Your HEALTH is important

At Ford Insurance Agency we want to ensure that you and your family maintain a happy and healthy life so we strive to make available to our clients an full offering of health insurance products.

Our suite of products includes:

> Individual insurance

> Family coverage

> Group plans

> Employee Benefits

> Medicare Supplemental insurance

> Income replacement